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Tami Yaari

I was born in 1973 in Israel and I live in Israel with my beloved twin boys, Adam and Tom. Since my early childhood, I was strongly attracted to worldwide traveling which I was exposed to through family vacations. I felt deeply connected to the magnificent nature and the richness of cultures. At the age of seventeen I started my independent worldwide traveling and since then never stopped. Getting to know both western and eastern’s people, believes, cultures and religions designed my wide inner perspectives on life.
I served in the medical unit of the IDF for 3 years. I received a B.A with cum laude in Jewish Philosophy and an M.A summa cum laude on Indian Philosophy from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In the many years that I have lived in Jerusalem, I regularly participated in learning programs of Beit-Midrash Elul and others.
I founded Levana, a community for awareness and Jewish identity, and ran it for several years on the University Campus.
I have been leading workshops for inner growth including meditation for 26 years. From my twenties on I came to realize that I’ve got a natural intuitive talent and a direct connection to the beyond. Ever since I served as a healer and spiritual channel.
In 2007 I was invited to a Reality T.V show in Israel named “The Power”. It was a contest between professional intuitive consultants. I won first place and became publicly well-known.
I’ve published five books so far in Hebrew and English. Two of them are best sellers on Amazon. The books give new perspectives on success and meaningful lives. Their main topics are new awareness on money, feminine empowerment, daily happiness in modern times, energy, and well being. ( https://amzn.to/31u9bzD )
The names of the books:
* Money for Women
* Millionaire Training
* Peak Energy for Peak Performance
* How to Become a Success in 24 hours
* How do you Like Your Coffee? What are we Here For? and- How to Live in Constant Happiness.
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