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We look forward to ZOOMing with you on November 22 for Limmud Toronto.

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avatar for Gustavo Rymberg

Gustavo Rymberg

Hamilton Jewish Federation
Hamilton Jewish Federation’s CEO was born and raised in Argentina, but his Jewish professional journey began in Winnipeg. In 1997, Rymberg, his wife Marisa, and their two young children were among the first Argentinian immigrants brought to that city under the Jewish community’s Grow Winnipeg initiative. Deeply appreciative and impressed by the role played by the Jewish Federation in his family’s integration into Canadian life, Rymberg embarked on a career path that would take him, by way of Ottawa and Toronto, to Hamilton, where, as the leading Jewish professional in this community, he intends for Federation to have a similarly positive influence on Jewish life. “I was 29 years old. My kids were young. My wife and I decided it was time to give the kids something better … in a Jewish environment. For us that was very, very important. ”Rymberg’s disillusionment with his country of birth dates back to 1994, when Buenos Aires’ Jewish Community Centre, known as the AMIA, was the target of a major terrorist attack in which 85 people were killed and hundreds injured.
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